Galactic Championship Tournament 2019 Recap

The first annual Galactic Championship Tournament was a blast! HUGE thanks to Jack Reda, Jeremy Upton, Derek Liam, Ian Allen for their contributions to tournament structure, setup, leaderboard software and the official Future Pastimes Big Box. And thanks to every attendee, we made history together!

Also we could not have pulled this off without the support of Charles Hildebrandt, who gave us space at the Museum of Science Fiction’s Escape Velocity in National Harbor, MD.

Join us again next year. Time and place TBD.


Top Fans Meet for 1st Annual Cosmic Encounter Tournament

Morph vs Morph in the finals game on Saturday, May 25th. Fast forward to 5:32 for the big bang.

morph rules.jpg

After the Morph Vs. Morph singularity event, the winner was…

Jeremy Upton takes a solo win in the finals game on Saturday, May 25th! Jack Kittredge gives him a Calculating eye…

Just like the boxed game, we couldn’t contain all the Cosmic Tournament greatness to one gallery. Check out the Recap expansion pictures here!


Future Pastime’s Collectors Edition Big Box by Broken Token

  • Custom designed and compatible with all Cosmic Encounter components

  • Holds the the base game and expansion sets 1-6

  • Plus extra room for all your “homebrew” aliens and cards

  • Autographed by Peter Olotka, Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, and Greg Olotka

  • Includes an 8.5x11 photo insert sheet of rare Future Pastimes memorabilia  

  • The Big Box is designed for the high end Cosmic Encounter elite only! Not recommended for the casual player

  • Available now at The Broken Token

  • Also available - Cosmic Organizer insert for the Fantasy Flight box


We thank Fantasy Flight Games & Asmodee North America for supplying all the games, the swag, and the new banners. They really came through with all this tournament exclusive stuff!

  • Exclusive new alien and flare, the Booster, power of Escape Velocity with art by Felicia Cano

  • 20 neon pink ships

  • 42 Cosmic Combo cards that accommodates up to 8 players and references all of the expansions (by Jack Reda)

Prizes for Tournament Winners

  • Galactic champion certificate signed by the creators of Cosmic Encounter and the executive director of the Museum of Science Fiction

  • Recognition at and VIP pass to Escape Velocity 2020

  • Signed copy of the 42nd edition base set