The best liar wins in Hoax, a fast-paced party game of secret identities designed by, Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Ned Horn, and Peter Olotka. When an unscrupulous business magnate meets an undignified end, a fierce competition for his estate begins. The inheritance is legally promised to whoever can prove that he is just as clever, deceitful, and ruthless as the deceased magnate. Therefore the greedy members of the magnate’s inner circle engage in a heated struggle to lie, cheat, accuse, outwit, and manipulate their way to wealth. 


Each player in Hoax takes on one of seven secret identities, from the resentful chef to the ambitious son-in-law, and attempts to make the other players believe that they are actually someone else. Each turn you can claim a privilege (whether or not its actually yours to claim), investigate another player, or make an accusation. You can be eliminated by making false accusations or getting caught in a lie. Victory goes to the player who can outlast all the others, demonstrating that he is the most devious, scheming competitor in the game.

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Designer's Diary - by Bill Eberle & Peter Olotka

HOAX: A Game of Secret Identities is based on the original Eon Products game HOAX ,The Game of Imposters. When we designed HOAX we were poking fun at the lengthy rules that accompanied role playing games. Why not make a simple role play game where you survived by your wits by just pretending to be other characters in the game?  Hoax can end in a heartbeat or take 20 raucous minutes. The most often heard words at the end of a HOAX game are “Let’s play again!”