Sniveler by Ian Allen
Wins Cosmic Encounter Alien 2018 Towel Day

Winner: Cosmic Alien Towel Day 2018 - Sniveler by Ian Allen

Winner: Cosmic Alien Towel Day 2018 - Sniveler by Ian Allen

But Don’t Panic, because the Cosmic Encounter Alien 2019 Towel Day Contest is on!

The winner will be announced on Towel Day May 24, 2019 at the Museum of Science Fiction Escape Velocity Con which is hosting the 2019 Cosmic Encounter Galactic Championship Tournament.

In 2018, Cosmic Encounter fans paired up with the Cosmic Encounter aliens to help them celebrate Towel Day in homage to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The aliens conducted a highly scientific analysis of all entries and declared Sniveler the winner with help from Cosmic fan Ian Allen. Ian spends his time conjuring up fun for gamers at Seventh Son Games.

Towel Day Rules

  • Winner: The aliens will decide on the winning post with the winner’s entry to be forever featured Cosmic Encounter Alien Towel Day Hall of Fame.


  • Read the alien history

  • Play off the graphic

  • Think outside the solar system

  • Ask: How would the “alien” celebrate towel day?

  • Check the Towel Day Page for inspiration

  • Don’t Panic

2019 Entries

The first submission to the Cosmic Encounter Alien 2019 Towel Day. Make your own PIC or VID, and put #cosmicalientowelday19 in the description.

CREDIT: Yair Meirovitz | @yairmeirovitz

2018 Entries - check them out for inspiration, the only limit is your imagination