Galactic Championship Tournament 2019

The Cosmic Encounter Experience was such a smash hit at Escape Velocity 2018 that we'll be back for 2019 with the first annual Galactic Championship Tournament. Meet players from around the universe to compete for the title.


* Updated 4/20/2019


It’s not Swag or a Prize, but you can see the Big Box prototype at Escape Velocity on 5/24-5/26

  • Get a 10% discount coupon from Broken Token when you attend the 2019 Cosmic Encounter Tournament at Escape Velocity

  • Custom designed and compatible with all Cosmic Encounter components

  • Holds the the base game and expansion sets 1-6

  • Plus extra room for all your “homebrew” aliens and cards

  • Predicted availability 6/6/2019

  • Autographed by Peter Olotka, Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, and Greg Olotka

  • Includes an 8.5x11 photo insert sheet of rare Future Pastimes memorabilia  

  • The Big Box is designed for the high end Cosmic Encounter elite only! Not recommended for the casual player!

Competition Swag for the Players

  • Exclusive new alien and it’s flare the Booster, power of Escape Velocity

  • 20 neon pink ships

  • 42 Cosmic Combo cards that accommodates up to 8 players and references all of the expansions including…

    • Game Over, Man!

    • Live Long and Prosper

    • The Force is Strong

    • … and much more!

  • Special Museum of Science Fiction gifts

Prizes for Tournament Winners

  • Galactic champion certificate signed by the creators of Cosmic Encounter and the executive director of the Museum of Science Fiction

  • Recognition at and VIP pass to Escape Velocity 2020

  • Signed copy of the 42nd edition base set

  • Competition Escape Velocity 2019 T-shirts

*All items subject to availability at time of tournament.


TTS Galactic Championship Tournament 2019

Can't join us at Escape Velocity in person? Play on Steam via Tabletop Simulator, hosted by MrAckle on Discord and Overboardgames on Twitch. The tournament is free, you only need to own TTS. If you want to host a game, get the Cosmic Encounter DLC. Tournament winners will get a surprise prize! See below for rules.

how to join

  1. Join the Overboard Games Discord server

  2. Sign into our Guilded calendar and RVSP to dates you want to play!

See full game calendar here - May 10 thru May 26: 10a | 2p | 7p | 11p EST (Desktop only)

TTS Tourney rules

The TTS Cosmic Encounter Galactic Championship Tournament is a casual non player elimination tournament where you will get the chance to play in the month of May!

We are going to run the games with a self moderation method. You can sign up to the games in the calendar and when you have finished a game take a photo and the scores for all the players and post them into the winners forum post.


Solo victory = 16

2nd Place = 8 Duo Win = 12 points

3rd Place = 5 Trio Win = 10 Points

4th Place = 4 Quad Win = 8 Points

5th Place = 3 Quintuple Win = 7 Points

6th Place = 2 Sextuple Win = 6 Points

Additional Rules

  • No alternative alien win powers, (sorry for your Masochist lovers out there)

  • All expansions are allowed to be used

  • No hazards

  • No tech

Check out the highlight reel from last year’s Tabletop Simulator game streamed to Twitch! Courtesy of Overboardgames.

tts championship.jpg



Official Tournament Rules

By Jack Reda

Galactic Championship tournament play will take place on Friday and Saturday.  Each day will crown a tournament winner. Players will participate in two games for Round One, after which the top players will advance to a single game in Round Two.  The top six players from Round Two will compete against each other for the day's crown and prizes.

*Escape Velocity participants who attend both days are eligible to play (and win) on both days!

The official Cosmic Encounter Rules are designed to allow tournament play within a relatively defined time frame. A point system is used to end the first and second round games in 50 minutes, preventing them from being prolonged as players struggle for solo victories.


Divide players into four-player games. This round will have two games. Each game will last for 50 minutes. The first game in this round will use the basic Cosmic Encounter set only. At the end of 50 minutes, end all games, distribute the game points, players switch around so that they are in new groups and begin the second game. All players advance to the seconds game. The second game will add in Cosmic Incursion and Cosmic Conflict. End the game after 50 minutes and total each player’s points from game one and game two.

Game Schedule

Friday, May 24

Game 1 [12:30p - 1:20p]

Game 2 [1:30p - 2:20p]

Saturday, May 25

Game 1 [11:00a - 11:50a]

Game 2 [12:00p - 12:50p]


To advance to round 2 a player must score high enough to make the cut off. Scores are totaled from game one and game two. The cut off is figured by taking the top scoring players in multiples of four until you have about half of the original players.


There will be one game in round two. Divide the players into four player games. The game will last for 50 minutes. Add in Cosmic Alliance and Cosmic Storm. Victory points are figured by the same system, but players do not carry their round one points over into this round. All players are starting from zero points.

Game Schedule

Friday, May 24

Game 3 [2:45p - 3:35p]

Saturday, May 25

Game 3 [1:30p - 2:20p]


The top six players, based on the points earned in round two only, advance to the finals.


One game, no time limit. Add Cosmic Dominion and Cosmic Eons. No points are used, the regular winner(s) are the champions.

Game Schedule

Friday, May 24

Game 4 [4:00p - 6:00p]

Saturday, May 25

Game 4 [2:45p - 6:00p]


The victory point system is used in round one and round two. At the end of 50 minutes each player gets:

  • 1 point for every home colony (5 possible)

  • 2 points for every foreign colony (10 possible)

  • 6 points in the pot divided among the winners.

Example: A player who won alone, and who still had all home colonies would have 21 points (5 for home colonies + 10 for foreign colonies + 6 from the pot). 


jack reda - current ce champion

Back in 2014, Fantasy Flight Games hosted CosmicCon, where CE fans from around the world gathered for a celebration of all things Cosmic Encounter. Reda took the tournament crown, as the Aristocrat, naturally! Can you beat him at the Galactic Championship Tournament this year?


autographed memorabilia

  • Bring your Cosmic stuff for CE designers to sign 

  • Get exclusive signed CE 2019 Championship Swag

meet the designers.jpg

ce designers will be there!

  • We played with fans at EV 2018

  • Can you beat the creators in 2019?


Tournament play overview:

  • 2 elimination rounds

  • 4+ players per game

  • 6 players in final game

  • 90 minute time limit

  • Prizes for the 6 finalists

  • Grand Prize for the new CE Champion

  • VIP access


Backstory - How Cosmic Encounter met Escape Velocity

The Cosmic Encounter Experience was the brainchild of Charles Hildebrandt, Production Counsel Museum of Science Fiction & Peter Olotka one of the original designers of Cosmic Encounter. Charles originally met Peter, Bill Eberle, and Jack Kittredge at the New York Science Fiction Society's Lunacon in 1977 when Eon Products first published Cosmic. 41 years later, Peter contacted him about featuring Cosmic Encounter at Escape Velocity 2018, but didn't know that Charles was a huge fan. In the meantime, Fantasy Flight Games (who has been publishing Cosmic Encounter since 2008) was finishing the 42nd Anniversary Edition of CE design with Future Pastimes, and both parties thought that Escape Velocity would be an excellent venue to stage the official launch.