The galaxy continues to grow with Cosmic Eons, the sixth expansion for the beloved game Cosmic Encounter.  Cosmic Eons features a Hidden Alliances in which players decide their alliances secretly and reveal them simultaneously, adding suspense, bluffing and possibly even backstabbing to the Alliance Phase. Thirty new aliens enter the game, including several who begin the game with essence cards that enable players to help, fine, traumatize, and even give bad dreams to their opponents.

Cosmic Eons includes:

  • 30 Alien Sheets

  • 30 Flare Cards

  • 55 Essence Cards

  • 37 Alien Tokens

  • 6 Alliance Dials

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Designer's Diary - by Bill Eberle & Peter Olotka

Now, Peter and Bill, who first breathed life into the original six aliens that occupied a then-unnamed science fiction game, have re-emerged following decades of exploration through the cosmic warps of time and space. Accompanied by Peter’s son Greg, they have brought with them a class of 30 aliens the likes of which you have never seen before. 

Be prepared to be abducted and traumatized by the Alien, be foiled by an Anarchist that does away with rules altogether, see planets disappear into the Architect’s tower, experience befuddlement by the secret changes of the Cloak, try to soothe the Hypochondriac, and squirm under the oppression of the Oligarch. 

Peter and Bill put their journey this way: “Since the early days, new Cosmic Encounter aliens have been steadily creeping into the game, accompanied by dozens of features and more players. Cosmic Dominion, the fifth expansion, was designed and completed by the fans of Cosmic Encounter in 2014. It added 30 new aliens, bumping the total to 165. Cosmic Dominion is considered a tour de force for its creative and meticulous design. 

For us, an unexpected upshot of mobilizing the fan design experience was that we became re-excited about creating new Cosmic Encounter content and pitched FFG with the idea of releasing an “original designers” collection of very different aliens into the Cosmic arena. Over time, as aliens and features were added it became harder for designers to create unique experiences. But having been energized by the brilliance of the fans’ Cosmic Dominion expansion, we still wanted to do a new Cosmic Encounter design. 

What to do? We set out to create an alien collection that broke the rules so completely that players would have to actually create their own solutions to conflicts. We loved it! 

But our first attempts were so far off the charts that play testers cringed. Fantasy Flight wisely directed us to tighten things up so we tried and failed again. The solution was to bring back the three superhero Cosmic fans who led the Cosmic Dominion design effort: Bill Martinson, Jack Reda, and Jefferson Krogh. Thanks to their efforts, virtually all of our original 30 Cosmic Eons aliens survived the makeover with original intent intact. Enjoy!” 

Special thanks to Fantasy Flight Producer Jason Walden for tossing Essence Cards into the Cosmic brew! It’s not all that easy to craft a super feature for a 43 year old game. And our undying appreciation for the massive contributions from the Cosmic Fans who were the lead designers of Cosmic Dominion, Bill Martinson, Jack Reda, and Jefferson Krogh. 

“Rumblings of universes to come began in 1972 when Peter Olotka, Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, and Bill Norton came together as a game design cooperative: Future Pastimes. It was a rather long fuse, but the resulting BANG was definitely BIG, for in 1977 . . . [they] produced one of the most identifiable games in the hobbyist industry.” 

~ Hai Kulture, Foundation Gaming: Encountering the Cosmos