The galaxy is trembling in Cosmic Storm, the newest expansion for Cosmic Encounter. With twenty-five new aliens and thirty-five new cards, Cosmic Storm adds more variety than ever. The addition of space stations, each with unique abilities, shakes up the game even more, with the Space Station Conquest variant introducing a new win condition. .

One thing’s for sure - after Cosmic Storm, the universe will never be the same

Cosmic Storm includes:

  • Twenty-five new aliens

  • Thirty-five cards, including twenty-five flare cards and ten space station cards

  • Ten space station markers

  • Eight tokens

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Designer's Diary - by Bill Eberle & Peter Olotka

COSMIC STORM + Space Stations
FFG designer Jay Little, was the moving force behind Cosmic Storm. Cosmic Storm featured Space Stations which added characteristics to the planets. The special characteristics were not subject to an alien losing its power and a space station can be captured by a winning offense player and spirited away to the offense’s home system.

Cosmic Storm is a good expansion for younger players who are just learning.