The forces in the Cosmos have grown. New aliens have appeared, and with their arrival, the tensions between all races have never been higher. Who will reign in this crowded Cosmos? Only time will tell.

Cosmic Dominion is the fifth expansion for Cosmic Encounter… an expansion that goes further than ever before to acknowledge the game’s debt to its enthusiastic and imaginative community of fans!

Designed for the fans and by the fans, Cosmic Dominion is a must-have for anyone hoping to explore all that the game’s cosmos has to offer! Thirty new aliens blast their way onto your tabletop. 

Four new variants allow you to modify the classic Cosmic Encounter  experience, and new ship markers allow players to create their very own variants. Chock full of fan-favorite aliens, wacky new powers and flares, and a brand-new reward deck, Cosmic Dominion will have you and your friends competing to determine once and for all who rules the galaxy.

Cosmic Dominion includes:

  • 30 Alien Sheets

  • 32 Reward Cards

  • 30 Flare Cards

  • 13 Game Tokens

  • 8 Ship Markers

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Designer's Diary - by Bill Eberle & Peter Olotka


Cosmic Dominion was designed by the Fans of Cosmic Encounter. Hundreds of fans were involved at the level of commenting and suggesting. All of the work was done online via the Cosmic Encounter Facebook page, with emails and shared files on Google Drive. The project spanned several years and brought an unprecedented 30 new aliens to the game. Cosmic Dominion’s collection of aliens are must haves for any Cosmic player.

The Cosmic Dominion effort was spearheaded by fans Bill Martinson, Jack Reda and Jefferson Krogh. The three fans had never even met in person until they arrived at Future Pastimes’ 2014 CosmicCon at Fantasy Flights’ new gaming center. Jack Reda won the CosmicCon tournament playing Aristocrat.