Cosmic Alliance is the third expansion for Cosmic Encounter, and it brings 20 alien races, both original and classic, exploding onto your tabletop. Players will now stand petrified by the hideous Gorgon, be baffled by the puzzle of the Schizoid, and feel obsolete before the bionics of the Cyborg.

Cosmic Alliance also makes the Cosmos even bigger, adding another player as well as rules for large eight-player games (if you own all three expansions). 

Finally, Cosmic Alliance introduces a new variant – team rules, which allow steadfast allies to dominate the Cosmos together!

Cosmic Alliance includes:

  • 20 Alien Sheets

  • 54 Cards, including

  • 1 Player Colony Marker

  • 5 Player Planets

  • 20 Plastic Ships

  • 38 Horde Tokens

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Designer's Diary - by Bill Eberle & Peter Olotka

The story in Cosmic Alliance was one of classic Eon vs nouveau FFG. We wanted the Schizoid to be able to make up its own victory conditions, but were overruled by the powers-that-be who gave the Schizoid a collection of cards letting players deduce the secret win conditions by a process of elimination. Win some, lose some. 

Cosmic Alliance also had rules for an innovative Team Cosmic variant. And it brought in The Sapient alien from the now defunct Cosmic Encounter Online flash game.