The Big Box is compatible with all your Cosmic Encounter components. Get it at The Broken Token -


Post tournament pick-up game. Get the whole story of the 1st Annual Cosmic Encounter Galactic Championship Tournament here.

Bill Martinson (in the blue & white short sleeve shirt) is a LONG time Cosmic Encounter fan and contributor. He helped create the Cosmic Dominion and Eon expansion sets. We were very pleased he could join us at the tournament.

A one of a kind mirrored acrylic Big Box that Derek Liam of The Broken Token created for our ultra fan, Jack Reda! It is a clear acrylic with a metal film on the outside. Sadly, you can't buy one, it was a custom piece for Mr. Reda.

But there's a gorgeous wooden one you can get at The Broken Token. But wait, there’s more… pics of the Big Box you can buy to hold all your Cosmic Encounter stuff.

Peter stands with Matt Goodhart, a day 1 winner at the Cosmic Encounter tournament.

The winners get their swag & prizes!

We thank Fantasy Flight Games & Asmodee North America for supplying all the games, the swag, and the new banners. They really came through with all this tournament exclusive stuff! See it all here. We had an exclusive new alien and flare, the Booster, power of Escape Velocity with art by Felicia Cano, 20 neon pink ships, and 42 Cosmic Combo cards that accommodates up to 8 players and references all of the expansions (by Jack Reda).

Compatible with all your Cosmic Encounter components. Get it at The Broken Token.

Morph vs Morph in the finals game on Saturday, May 25th. Fast forward to 5:32 for the big bang.

Jeremy Upton takes a solo win in the finals game on Saturday, May 25th! Jack Kittredge gives him a Calculating eye…

These kids at Escape Velocity weren't in the tournament, but Peter set them up with a quick game! The future of CE players looks bright.