TTS Galactic Championship Tournament 2019

Can't join us at Escape Velocity in person? Play on Steam via Tabletop Simulator, hosted by MrAckle on Discord and Overboardgames on Twitch. The tournament is free, you only need to own TTS. If you want to host a game, get the Cosmic Encounter DLC. Tournament winners will get a surprise prize! See below for rules.

how to join

  1. Join the Overboard Games Discord server

  2. Sign into our Guilded calendar and RVSP to dates you want to play!

See full game calendar here - May 10 thru May 26: 10a | 2p | 7p | 11p EST (Desktop only)

TTS Tourney rules

The TTS Cosmic Encounter Galactic Championship Tournament is a casual non player elimination tournament where you will get the chance to play in the month of May!

We are going to run the games with a self moderation method. You can sign up to the games in the calendar and when you have finished a game take a photo and the scores for all the players and post them into the winners forum post.


Solo victory = 16

2nd Place = 8 Duo Win = 12 points

3rd Place = 5 Trio Win = 10 Points

4th Place = 4 Quad Win = 8 Points

5th Place = 3 Quintuple Win = 7 Points

6th Place = 2 Sextuple Win = 6 Points

Additional Rules

  • No alternative alien win powers, (sorry for your Masochist lovers out there)

  • All expansions are allowed to be used

  • No hazards

  • No tech

Check out the highlight reel from last year’s Tabletop Simulator game streamed to Twitch! Courtesy of Overboardgames.

tts championship.jpg