TTS Galactic Championship Tournament 2019

A HUGE thanks to one of our biggest Tabletop Simulator fans, MrAckle who hosted an online Cosmic Encounter Tournament this year, for most of May. We’d love to make this a regular event, now that we know how to organize it. Email us if you’d like to play online regularly.

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HOw the TTS TOURNEY RULES were structured

The TTS Cosmic Encounter Galactic Championship Tournament was set up as a casual non player elimination tournament with the chance to play in the month of May, 2019!

The games were self moderated. You used a Guilded calendar to sign up for games, take a screen cap of the end game with the players and their scores post them into the winners forum post. If you’d like to join an ongoing TTS Cosmic Encounter tournament like this, let us know!


Solo victory = 16

2nd Place = 8 Duo Win = 12 points

3rd Place = 5 Trio Win = 10 Points

4th Place = 4 Quad Win = 8 Points

5th Place = 3 Quintuple Win = 7 Points

6th Place = 2 Sextuple Win = 6 Points

Additional Rules

  • No alternative alien win powers, (sorry for your Masochist lovers out there)

  • All expansions are allowed to be used

  • No hazards

  • No tech

Izzi280 ran it on her Twitch Channel!

Izzi280 ran it on her Twitch Channel!