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Get Cosmic Encounter on Tabletop Simulator + Cosmic Eons Expansion for free

On March 14, 2018, Cosmic Encounter® Connector got a massive graphics upgrade as part of Tabletop Simulator v10.4. The new floating star background and spinning warp will hypnotize you into gamer bliss. The playing area is completely redesigned, and there are nifty new gizmos to play with. Great work from our partner, Berserk Games.

But the best part is we included expansion set six, Cosmic Eons. That means if you already own the Cosmic Encounter DLC, you now own Cosmic Eons! If you haven't picked up Cosmic on TTS, get it now and the Moocher will toss in Eons for free. Geek & Sundry called Cosmic Eons the "must have expansion for Cosmic Encounter."

DLC Cosmic Encounter Upgrade List

  • Free expansion Eon now included with the base game!

  • Custom thematic table and environment ( + animations and particle systems).

  • Full revamp of all game components to match the theme.

  • Scripting additions:
    - Highlighting planets using the hyperspace gate
    - Tracking amounts of player ships
    - Scripted rulebooks
    - Scripted Alliance Dials

See full feature list for update v10.4 of Tabletop Simulator

If you love to play Cosmic Encounter, you’ll be pleased with this simulator, which feels quite as good as playing in your home with friends, specially if you all connect via skype or any other voice service.
— josefrico
What are you waiting for?! Get the game already! Your planets are in danger of alien colonization, get out there and stop them, Soldier!! It even includes all expansions! Best DLC in TableTop history.
— Johannes 世破涅主
SOMEONE in your TTS group needs to own this and the expansions. My personal best board game of all time.
— Beico
I played the physical board game version of Cosmic Encounter several times each week last year with friends at my university, most of whom have graduated and scattered to new jobs across the states. The Cosmic Encounter Connector was the first time we were able to ‘sit down’ and play together in months, and the experience was just as fun as ever.
— Malice
Just wanted to say I love love LOVE the new CE table update.
— Gryph