Cosmic Encounter World Championship Tournament 2019

The Cosmic Encounter Experience was such a smash hit at Escape Velocity 2018, that we'll be back for 2019 with the first annual world championship tournament. Join players from around the universe to compete for the title.

 From left to right, Greg Olotka, Jack Reda (current CE World Champion), and Peter Olotka at EV 2018

From left to right, Greg Olotka, Jack Reda (current CE World Champion), and Peter Olotka at EV 2018

Why every Cosmic Encounter fan should attend


Tournament play Details:

  • 2 elimination rounds

  • 4+ players per game

  • 6 players in final game

  • 90 minute time limit

  • Prizes for the 6 finalists

  • Grand Prize for the new CE Champion

  • VIP access




autographed memorabilia

  • Bring your Cosmic stuff for CE designers to sign 

  • Get exclusive signed CE 2019 Championship Swag

champion alien.jpg
tts championship.jpg
meet the designers.jpg

new alien: Champion

  • Exclusive for CE Championship 2019

  • Power of Escape Velocity

  • Take the alien card home








tabletop simulator on steam

  • Join us on Steam/TTS if you can't make it to EV

  • Games streamed live on Twitch/Discord









ce designers will be there!

  • We played with fans at EV 2018

  • Can you beat the creators in 2019?


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Backstory - How Cosmic Encounter met Escape Velocity

The Cosmic Encounter Experience was the brainchild of Charles Hildebrandt, Production Counsel Museum of Science Fiction & Peter Olotka one of the original designers of Cosmic Encounter. Charles originally met Peter, Bill Eberle, and Jack Kittredge at the New York Science Fiction Society's Lunacon in 1977 when Eon Products first published Cosmic. 41 years later, Peter contacted him about featuring Cosmic Encounter at Escape Velocity 2018, but didn't know that Charles was a huge fan. In the meantime, Fantasy Flight Games (who has been publishing Cosmic Encounter since 2008) was finishing the 42nd Anniversary Edition of CE design with Future Pastimes, and both parties thought that Escape Velocity would be an excellent venue to stage the official launch. Which leads to the question, if Cosmic was first put into production in 1977, wouldn't that make 2018 the 41st anniversary? Watch the video below to solve that mystery.