Gale Force Nine Reimagines Dune

Dune is the updated version of the classic 1979 Avalon Hill game Frank Herbert’s Dune, which has been out of print for over 30 years. The original design team of Peter Olotka, Bill Eberle, and Jack Kittredge overhauled the rules and Future Pastimes member Greg Olotka created a quick-start guide.


As the worm turns… both the gaming media and fan base are psyched for the new Dune reprint!

Find out what Tom Vasel thinks of the new Dune.

Jason sits down with legendary designer Bill Eberle to discuss his updated version of "Dune" and his new game, "Wordsmith."

In-depth interview with Peter, Bill, Jack, & Greg. Pick up Tabletop Gaming magazine at your local newstand!

In-depth interview with Peter, Bill, Jack, & Greg. Pick up Tabletop Gaming magazine at your local newstand!

The Fans Say…

Panels & Borders compiled early fan Instagram snaps and news about the Dune reprint.

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Ilya Baranovsky’s Fan Art

Dune fan Ilya Baranovsky (Ilya 77 on BGG) created most of the art you see in the new edition. Gale Force Nine contracted with him for the rights to use it in the new Dune game. This sped up development time tremendously, as a full re-skin of Dune with updated graphics would have taken months. Check out his gallery on BGG here.


Dune was first designed by Jack Kittredge, Bill Eberle, and Peter Olotka in 1979 under an Avalon Hill license. In 1984 Peter had Avalon Hill produce a new box cover featuring Sting to capitalize on David Lynch’s flawed but interesting movie. Also in 1984, Jack, Peter, and Bill designed two Dune expansion sets - The Duel and Spice Harvest. In 1993, Jeux Descartes republished it in a giant box with re-skinned components. Finally in 2012, Twilight Imperium, Rex was published by Fantasy Flight using the “simultaneous dial based battle system” which Peter, Bill, and Jack created for an unpublished game called Tribute which predated Dune by a few years.

Dune and Rex game boxes from 1979 - 2012

Revolutionary Components

Combat wheels, designed to hold the leader discs and treachery cards while dialing the number of troops to sacrifice in battle.

Below are the player shields for each faction. This design was inspired by the Cosmic Encounter aliens, and at the time was something of a revolution in game design. Each faction has a set of advantages that map directly to the original Dune book. But just like in Cosmic, they all have weaknesses.

House Harkonnen: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

House Atreides: Paul Muad’Dib

House Corrino: Emperor Shaddam IV

Fremen: Liet-Kynes

Bene Gesserit: Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam

The Guild: Edric


Ben Harsh of “Harsh Rules” fame created excellent how-to videos of the original Dune games. We hope he creates updated ones for the new Gale Force Nine games.


Even though it’s been out of production for nearly 40 years, Dune has thousands of comments, ratings, and fan created components.

Check out those Roman numeral wheels!

Check out those Roman numeral wheels!

Tribute - Before dune (and borderlands)

Tribute is the unpublished predecessor of both Borderlands and Dune. You may recognize the wheel, which became an iconic part of Dune, but not the crown. Get the whole story here, as told by Jack Kittredge, Bill Eberle, and Peter Olotka.